Ice Cube to Social Sogginess: Oh Ya

I have to admit, I was hoping for more warmer temperatures this year than what we are getting. It is like “they” lied to us. Sucking us in, saying that warmer weather is here to stay, yet outside, my windowsill thermometer’s little pointy arrow is hovering over top of the -10C mark on the scale, yet it is a deceivingly a sunny day outside. Sure, the weather people keep saying that warmer-soggier weather is on its way, but how could I trust them, now on our third week of this freezing weather pattern, the Mega High Pressure Area. Damn it! This is Vancouver/Fraser Valley, the best place to live in all of Canada for mild winters. All I can say, is that it better change, or else…

Sleeping during the day is a bit of challenge now that the Sun lays lower in the sky. I am a night-shift worker, so sleeping through the day is normal for me. My bedroom is almost completely light proof; yet through the blinds, there are cracks where sunlight can get through.  To compensate, I hang some towels on coat hangers from my window blinds to keep most of the light away from my eyes while I am sleeping. The hard part is not looking once I am in bed once I am sleeping becuase once I see the bright light, then that is it, sleeping takes longer. This is why I look forward to those dreary grey days of overcast skies during the work week–it helps my sleep a lot.

Now that it is December, society seems to shifts from “yay, summer–awesome,” to “crap, it is winter, and how to keep my Bank at bay as I ramp up buying junk for myself.” Of course I do not buy junk for myself, and I do not owe the Bank anything. Yes, I am debt free, but it seems that everyone around is not. This is all I hear, “my bills are out of control,” or “I wish I could afford this,” from my co-workers, noting that we do not get paid that well to begin with. So, X-Mass-holics will be primed and ready when the buying frenzy starts, and stores and retail outlets ready their gimmicks and teasing ads for those sales, saying “buy, buy, buy!” Black Friday, in Canada, r-i-g-h-t: good one. All I see is last years inventory going on sale this year, so stuff that did not sell then, appears to be a “steel of a deal” now, but the good stuff, hah!, is still way over priced. I say, if you are going to buy, at least buy it on line so you are not waiting in line-ups, away from the flu carriers, and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home while you rack up your credit card(s). All right, now go and enjoy yourself.

I feel a thrust for hot chocolate now.

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