Multiple… What?

Yes, I am in full on harp mode. Actually, more like just cranky because I just spent the night without power due to the latest wind storm that just passed, and left us with trees strewn all over the place, and a freezing house. What is more, this is the second time in less than three days that I have had my home life interrupted due to these power outages–and I could be faced yet again with another outage as storm number four appears certain for tonight. It is like what I heard on, getting these types of storms in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland are not uncommon, but getting back-to-back storms is.

Sure, it is nice that the mercury is showing above freezing, and I really do appreciate that from Mother Nature, but she has a mean back-hand when you least expect it. All this mild weather comes with a cost: storms. Over the years of living here in the Fraser Valley, I have seen my share of them. Heck, I am even used to power outages and roads blocked from falling trees, and odd flooded field now and then. Usually, a one off storm event per week or so is what we get, and we learn to expect that. But three…, errr, four in a row, in less than a week, this is different.

OK, so my power just came on around 9:30am, and it had been out since 3:00am (ish). I also work nights, and I am on my weekend, so this last outage was the most inconvenient one that there possibly could be me. I wanted to work on my PC, send some emails, and play around with some updated software. I had it all planed. I knew about the storm, but did not think that much about it becuase it was just sprinkling a little bit with rain, and the odd gust would blow some leaves onto my window. Really, in all, a pleasant normal night here in Glen Valley. I went into the kitchen to make myself a snack, and “click,” the lights were out. Then outside, through the forest, I heard the symphony of generators starting up–a guaranteed sign that the power just went out. Right after that, the wind started to howl. And by 4:00am, I was worried that a tree might fall on my place. Yes, it was a “rip-snorter,” to use a local colloquialism.

In a couple of hours I am going to bed. I worry becuase if the weather prognosticators are correct, then sometime through my (night) shift tonight, the next storm will be right on top of us while I am coming back home, early Tuesday morning. Well, at least it is mild out, and I do not have to shovel it.

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