There Should be a Pause Button On Sundays

I was watching my Twitter feed scroll downwards, when one of them caught my eye, saying, “Running out of weekend, Sunday should have a pause button…” I thought, yes I agree, when a long weekend shoots by like this, one should have the ability to hit the pause button, just to make it last that much longer. Sadly, physics does not allow us to do that, the whole time-space thing is still out of reach for mankind’s to control. Probably a good thing–no one would ever work.

Holiday Bells and Ball 2015 Weblog Image

I have a few hours of it left. How should I enjoy them, well, I have not decided yet. There is one awesome bit of hope that I can see–another long weekend is next! I almost think a three, or four day, work should be mandatory. 🙂

Enjoying the weekend!

The graphic I made with Blender.

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