It was over the holidays that I first seen the Canadian TV commercial from the Ovarian Cancer Canada’s “Got Ladayballs” campaign.  I laughed out loud, and said, “No way… you got to be kidding…, Ladyballs!” I only seen that commercial once before the end of the New Year’s long weekend. Since then, I have seen at least four more times, and I just laugh at it every time. “Ladyballs” Wow.

At first I thought that this kind of commercial would cause a huge uproar, and the commercial would gain negative media exposure, and then be pulled off the air. But, testing the concept with my female colleagues, Ladyballs is perfectly expectable slang/terminology today, even among older peers. However, I am sure there are some who would find it a wee bit offensive if used too overtly.

I have to tip my hat to the Ovarian Cancer Canada organisation, and its marketing team, for coming up with this. Not only has it got me talking about it, but it has brought awareness, even for men who deal with other types of cancer risks, into the spotlight a well. So, a very positive message; and clever too. As my co-worker told me yesterday, when we were talking about this, “You gotta have Balls to come up with something like this.” I guess it takes Ladyballs to talk about it.

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