Thoughts On Homework

Last night I had do some paperwork for my on-line business; it had to be done, it sucked. It was then that I was thinking about all those hours spent battling homework throughout my life: from grade school, through University, and when I had my little business going before the great melt-down in ’08. Once I completed my accounting and billings, I thought about creating a 3D image of how I felt during all those hours, burning the midnight oil on homework.

When Homework Feels LIke an Interrogation - Jan 10 2016 Weblog Image

Here it is, “The Interrogation Room.”

The human model I created during the holidays, using Blender. The rig for the model is basic, and so is the room and its furniture, but it is, to me, the look and feel of an interrogation room, and that is what I was feeling like last night. A little Tongue-in-cheek statement, using art work, reflecting the moment I was having.

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