Reviewing the Week (Warning, A Boring Post)

To sum up the week that has passed in one word, I would use: Sore. Yes, sore fits nicely. Sore works becuase that was how I felt most of the time when I got home from work. One I showered up, I would head for my bed, and fall into a nap. I think the only day out of the week where I did not fallow this routine was back on Tuesday, and that was only becuase I too tired to make it to my bed, so I flopped on my sofa chair, and napped there for a few hours. I guess there are several reasons why I would say “sore” for describing last week, but none more so that work.

Learning a new job is probably one of the most stressful events in most people’s lives. For myself, I am filling in for six or seven weeks in a new department, and in that new role, I found myself having to learn a whole new set of routines, plus keeping up with the demands of that job, all the while working with other’s who are also going through massive changes in their careers. The toll, both mentally and physically, has been great on my mind and body. I am learning a system that has been laid down for nearly a decade, so the work-flow is set in stone. Any deviance from that results in fairly nasty comments from the other staff. Do I blame them? Of course not. But I must say, there are better ways of teaching a job to a newbie. The other side, this decade old work-flow changes starting tomorrow. Now pile on the stress for the veterans of this department.

Change in the work place is like the Ebola Virus in Africa; Some will die, others mortally wounded, and some few will survive it. The question that everyone asks is: Which category do I fall under? Thus, cue in the stress, and the unfriendly environment as we wait to see who gets the axe, and who becomes down-graded. For myself, once inventory season is done with, I go back to my old department, which is relatively safe becuase that is where the labourers are, and Wet Backs seem to be immune to today’s corporate cutbacks (as long as they are happy with low wages). But change is evident, and change means someone will go, and others will have to be replanted into another position, usually meaning something more downgraded.

So, my body hurts becuase of the using new muscles, and working at a different pace. My brain hurts becuase of all the new tasks and learning that I have been given to do. On top  of that, I have had the flu since the holidays, although not as bad as it was then, the soreness in my muscles from it still lingers. The only known remedy for keeping myself in good enough shape for work is to sleep for ten hour nights, trying to heal myself, and damage myself all over again until I sleep for another ten hours. Hopefully, soon, I will fall out of this cycle, and can breath and be happy once again. But for now, I trudge along.

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