Declaring January 30th, Tom’s Day of Doing Nothing!

It is Friday late afternoon, around 6:00pm, and I just got home from work. Tired and sore, my whole day at work was just one big blur in my mind, and now, I just want to sit in this chair–period. The last five working days have been like this, coupled with cool rainy weather, my “at home” part of the day has been so less productive that I feel guilty thinking about it. Without listing all of my chores that have gone by the wayside, the one chore that I have kept up with are my dishes. Yes, my dishes are done: put away, and they are spotless. So where do I go from here?

I realized that it has been a while since I posted here–over a week now. Normally I get one post uploaded every three or four days. Taking on the new shift and department at my work, have been the culprit for this long period of inactivity. Putting so much energy in work has lead me to have not enough time for my personal life–again. It seems I put myself into this trap over and over again. Last time, I said I would never do this again, and that I would keep a balanced lifestyle between work and home, from here on in. Then I go off and do it again–over indulging my work life–leaving my personal life in tatters, and the cycle once again restarts itself. Why do I do it–I get paid the same no matter what.

So tonight I will treat myself. As I pay tribute to the end of January coming up, and less than three weeks left to go at my current position at my work, I will treat myself to some take-out Chinese Food! This way I get to keep my dishes clean. 🙂

I feel I deserve it! Not only will I have take-out tonight, but tomorrow I will force myself to sleep in too. (Actually, I do not feel that will be necessary as I am very tired right now–sleeping in will not be a problem.) So tomorrow: Saturday, January 30th, 2016, will be declared, “Tom’s Day of Doing Nothing”!

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