The Scourge of the Fruit Fly

I hate them. They are around me. They are a nuisance, a menace, a scourge in my bathroom that I cannot get rid of. The dreaded fruit fly. They have returned–with a vengeance!

Last October I thought I had them gone. The problem solved. With a combination of fruit fly traps, cleaners and fixing the condensation problem I had underneath my bathtub, I thought I it licked. For three glorious months, not one fruit fly fluttered its little wings in, or around, my bathroom. It was awesome. With the onset of winter, brining the cooler temperatures, not one fruit fly in its right mind would want to live here in these conditions. I thought a die-off was guaranteed–permanent–butta bing, butta bang, butta boom!

Fruit flies like three things. Standing water, or lots of moisture to lay their eggs in. Room temperature, like my home. And a food source, i.e., fruit. But, as I understand it, just about any type of vegetable or fruit matter will do for these little foragers.

All three of these condition manifested last week when we had a warm up, from days of just around the freezing mark through out most of January, to double digits highs during the daytime. In fact, while we were having highs of nearly 12C, deep beneath my bathtub, little fruit fly larva where happily growing, ready to grow into winged adults.

It was last Wednesday, when I got home from work, that I saw them. This swarm of fruit flies were congregating up around the sky light in my bathroom. There were thousands…, no no, make that millions of them, flying around. I stood in disbelief.

My first action was taking a spray bottle of bathroom cleaner, and spraying them in the air as they flew around. The swarm was easy shooting, as hundreds fell to their deaths. Then, when the swarm thinned out a bit, I started spraying the walls along the bathtub-shower, aiming only where I seen them land. Within ten minutes I reduced the population of flying fruit flies to a mere fraction of what they were, but they still appeared, only now, one at a time.

Today, they still lurk, but only a few. It is still mild outside, and the nights no longer freeze. As for the moisture along the bottom of my bath tub–sadly the only way to stop it is to not have baths in it. No one wants a stinky Tom… I like to take baths each day, especially after work, so the moisture stays.

I fight them. The war rages on, both strategic, and with chemicals, I fight them, hoping at attaining total fruit fly genocide, soon. It is like going back to square one–Tom versus the Fruit Fly–they just keep coming back. It is me, or them!

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