Snow Drops

The Snow Drops have been out for nearly two weeks, as far as I can tell. With my work putting me at almost the same time as the daylight hours, it was hard to find time to take photos of them with enough light. So, this weekend was the only time I had to shoot them. I noticed them two week ago when I had to go around back of my place and get something out of the shed. They they were, sprouting like crazy. Wow, winter is almost done. So, to add some colour to my blog–and since I have not added photos in a long time–here are just four of the many shots I took today of the Snow Drops.

Snow Drop Flower Feb 06 2016 Weblog Image 01

Other Snow Drops facts: these are the very first flowers that bloom around my yard. Also, this patch seems to only grow in one area. The little group does not seem to spread out that far since I have been living here (almost three years now).

Snow Drops Flower Feb 06 2016 Weblog Image 02

This year – no snow, and very mild overall. Usually, these Snow Drops are growing underneath the snow, and can handle very frosty nights. This year they have it pretty easy as far a good climate goes.

Snow Drops Feb 06 2016 Weblog Image 03

Snow Drops Feb 06 2016 Weblog Image 04

Seeing these little flowers makes me feel good becuase I know spring is on the way. In a couple of more week, or maybe right now, the little purple crocuses should be popping up too.

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