BC Family Day

It was a much needed long weekend. Work was getting to me, and I was putting off way too many chores at home that I needed an extra full day to play catch up with anyway. I had almost forgotten about February 8th being a stat. holiday, as it is still a new holiday in these parts. But, none the less, a welcomed surprise! So I took some time to drive into town with friends, and spent the afternoon out under the sun–enjoying the awesome sunny day–with my camera of course.

Fort Langley Feb 8 2016 Weblog Image 01

Had dinner out with my buddy Jack, who himself just got back from spending three months down in Mexico. We walked down to the Bedford Canal, and I shot about 50 photos of the boats racing back and forth.

Fort Langley Feb 8 2016 Weblog Image 02

The end of the day I spent at home getting ready for work, and cleaning up some of projects I had finished on my home. I wash this was a four day long weekend. Smerk….

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