Back With the Vampire-Shift

Okay, I think I am back now; working the Vampire-Shift; readjusting to it. I seem to be adjusting to the cycle all right, but I still have troubles sleeping when I need to. After spending nearly seven weeks on the Day-Shift, my body only had trouble last Tuesday, day two, after going back to Nights. So, in all, so far not so bad. But my poor answering machine does not like it–if it has feeling about it.

Last Tuesday, no matter how hard I tried, I could not sleep. That was a hard day. I think I managed to get something like four hours of sleep, and a couple of naps. But I can sure tell you, on Wednesday I sure slept. I think I was out for nearly ten hours.

If you wanted to get a hold of me–well that has been damn near impossible for most people. Only once did I catch a friend calling, while I was sitting down getting ready to leave for work. He was a fluke in reaching me by telephone that day, only one out of ten people have had success in reaching directly. Last Monday I had seven messages, and yesterday, eleven sitting on my machine. Sadly, when I sleep, I shut everything off, and close all my blinds, to simulate night during the day. So, you could be knocking on my door, I could be hitting deep sleep–dreaming in La La land of an alternate universe–better than this one.

At work, well, some things never change. Some new faces–fresh hires who replaced those who had moved on to better and brighter new careers. Compared to the day time operations, nights do run slower overall: slower computers. With my hand-held scanner, just booting up and logging on can take anywhere from ten to fifteenth minutes. And for what ever reason, the heat gets craned up during the night. I thought once upon a time ago that it was due to the air conditioner being turned off, but since it is February–I know this to be false now–they crank the heat. Why? $$$

Also, another reason why I have been so hard to reach–I only get today off. A one day weekend becuase I took threes days off last weekend. Hey, I needed it.

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