Leap Year! …er, Day!

So it is February 29, 2016, and it feels like I just got an extra day’s rent for nothing. As messed up as our calendar is, planetary mechanics says that the rotation of Earth is not in prefect since with it’s orbit around Sol. In fact, Earth has it pretty good when comparing it other planets in the Solar System. Take Mercury for example, whose day is almost three quarters as long at its year. So, poor Earth with its orbits and rotational issues, playing havoc with our calendar makers, nothing is perfect–it is.

I know someone whose birthday it is today too! The poor fellow, he turns 10 today. However, since this technically correct age does not jive well with both birthday parties and the government, he does the B-Day gig on the 28th of February instead. But his Driver’s Licence does say February 29th on it.

Canada should make this a national holiday–just for the heck of it. It would be cool to have this odd four year event, just to be different from everyone else. Just a thought.

Well, it is leap year, err.. Leap Day! Be happy; enjoy it! An extra day in February!

2 Thoughts on “Leap Year! …er, Day!

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  2. Yes Dan, sooooon, I’ll get to this list. LOL. It takes time.

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