Wind Storm Blues

OK, good news – I Have Power Again! Bad news, lots of clean-up. The little wind storm yesterday morning caused a lot of damage in my neck of the woods. When I got home from work, around 4:00am, that was when the wind started kicking up. Right around 6:00am was when the power went out. Today, 30 hours later, the power was restored.

Wind Storm March 10 2016 - Weblog image 01

The above image is my land lord’s place, just to the left of his house. Along our road, I counted four trees leaning against the power lines, and down further, about a kilometre, another large tree had the power lines right on the ground. Trees were knocked down everywhere in my area. This was quite the little storm. The image blow is just in front of my driveway.

Wind Storm March 10 2016 - Weblog image 02

The biggest grip I have is throwing away all the food in my fridge. Next, not having a shower for a whole day. Then there is the clean-up outside. I have a lot of branches to move from my driveway, and back yard. This has been the worse storm yet for the season.

Yesterday, in Fort Langley, Parts of Glover Road were closed due to (really big) trees, and many other parts of the Township had pockets of power outages also.

Anyway, right after this, I am jumping in the shower once my hot water tank has warmed up.


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