I Got Up

To say last week was a right-off, might be an understatement; I was sick–really bad. At one point I really wanted to have a full body transplant because every cell was in pain as I was invaded by the latest flu/cold bug that kept me in bed, suffering with the head and lung infection that made my life a living hell. Yes, I did go to work, but only becuase I had to–it was that epic decision of play it safe and be comfy, or to continue to make the money to pay the bills and make my employer all happy while maintaining their bottom line. I opted to keep working, albeit under protest and at less than one hundred percent efficiency. So, one week later, I am remarkably fine.

With just a little hint of congestion in my nose and throat, and the odd cough and post nasal run-off, I am fine. The core of my body seems to have passed the germs out, and my strength is returning. In fact, I just had my first real good night’s sleep since the whole epic began. Feeling much much better today.

Some funny notes while going through my sickness and pain while continuing on with work. First, a remark from my H.R. at my work. When I told her last week that I had the flu, and chose to return to work, I got the most surprising answer becuase it did the not fit to what the medical associations are saying throughout the media. I was praised for continuing to work, when most would have opted to stay at home.  Yes–going to work, sick, is excepted, respected and honourable. Wow. Being sick does not lower expectations of performance by ones employer either–or at least mine did not. Yes, the same amount of work was expected, or in my case, keeping up with the normal level of production. In other words, no special treatment. What is funny about these two examples was that several months ago we had a number of managers fall ill, inflicted with a similar flu-bug epidemic, and we were asked to take it easy on them. My, my, how the one-size-fit-all attitude quickly fades to black, and the pauper is asked to carry the weight and pain of the fortunates in their moment of weakness. Too funny. Next time I will not have mercy on my managers–if they cannot perform, then may the Gods of the Bottom-Line cast their evil upon you all! Sure, we can all find other jobs–right.

I missed a whole week of record breaking sunshine! While working nights, and sick, being at home was not a picnic. Watching the Sun through the cracks of my window blinds made me even more ill, as I really wanted to be outside enjoying it, not laying in bed with sinus infection. For the end of Match to have temperatures of up to 20C was (is) awesome. It sped up “spring” by about two weeks. The explosion of green around my place is in stark contrast to just a week ago. It really feels like spring around here. And not just here, but all over British Columbia, as I understand it.

A side note–this is my three-day long weekend. It started yesterday, but I had so many things to catch up on, that I postponed this blog post until becuase of them. I think we will have one more day of good weather before we go back to normal, so I have a lot I want to get done.

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