The Evil Robin of Glen Valley

The great grandson of the first Evil Robin is back. Same as his great grand pappy, he chose to locate his nest right by my window, and every time he sees his reflection in the glass, he strikes out at it like a mad dog on adrenalin. So from sun up to sun down, I hear the sounds of his beak pecking at the glass, going from window to window, sounding like someone is lightly tapping on it. Sometimes is sounds as if someone is knocking on my windows. After hours of this noise, it becomes very distracting.

Spring April 2 2016 - Fort Langley BC - Weblog Image 07

The above image is a shot of the culprit, as seen on April 2nd, 2016, around 9:00am.

Last time, about two years ago, I let them be. I suffered through the ordeal. Although it bugged me enormously, and sometimes I wanted to shoot them, I let be. Back then, the nest was in the bushes beside my patio deck, not even a metre from my front door. This year, I have not found it yet, but I believe they are nesting in some bushes beside my driveway. Either way, the question I am contemplating is whether or not I should destroy their nest to make them move way. I am tired of cleaning the bird poo on my windows, vehicles and patio.

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