Pink Rules the Forest Today

As the trees around my place blossom, the amazing colour changes are stunning. The photographer in me goes crazy as spring shows off its explosions of colour, from the trees to the flowers, in a period of threes weeks this place looks like a storybook illustration from a children’s fantasy story. Right now, it is the tree that is right beside my kitchen window, just to the North of my house. This tree is completely covered with pink blossoms.

More Spring April 09 2016 Weblog Image 01

To get the above shot, I turned my f-stop all the way down to F22, and used an ISO of 1600. It was fairly early in the morning, so the light from the Sun was hitting the tree from the side (the golden hour), so it was just light enough to pull this shot off. I used a 30mm lens, which is a nice wide angle lens to work with as a prime lens. Having the f-stop down to F22 makes the focal pain almost infinite, in other words, the entire image is in focus.

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