A Sure Sign – Summer Is Near!

It has been my experience that whenever I see these blood red flowers start to bloom here on the farm, this means that the warm weather is here. I mark this as a sign that summer, or summer like weather, is finally here, marking the time that I must strip off the winter weather sealer tape and window coverings, and make ready for my windows to be opened to let the cool air inside. Funny how we go from one extreme to another.

The Blood Red Flowers - April 2016 - Weblog Image

I figure in about a week this whole bush should be fully bloomed. I like the colour of these flowers–so very blood red. I may even pick some and take them into my studio and see if I can make some awesome flower portraits of them under my studio lights.

I think tomorrow I will hunt around for a good portable air conditioner since my roof-top one has seem to died on me. Unlike last summer when I survived without one for the last half of it, I promised myself I would not go through that again. Try working nights, while sleeping during the day as the Sun beats down on your roof, and the inside is a blistering 40C. Yes, not a very pleasant environment to sleep in. My 50cm box fan was my best friend during those sleeps last year.

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