The Install-a-thon: Ubuntu 16 04

It is a soupy weekend, cool and damp, and a little windy too, but since I am staying inside for most of it, it does not matter. Earlier this week Ubuntu 16.04 made its d├ębut on the net, and I have been feverishly installing and upgrading all of my systems, and my clients. Since Wednesday, I managed to have ten PC machines switched over, and as of today, only one that is giving my trouble. I will hopefully have that one fixed by tonight.

This year I decided to use only my USB start up drive. Rather than going through the hassles of burning DVD on machines that have optical drives, I just went with the USB start-up option, and so far it has saved me a lot of time. Installing Linux, I find, using the USB start up drive just makes so much more sense–saving money buying DVD for one thing.

Ubuntu 16.04 is also the Long Term Support, so it is good for at least five year of free support before it turns into a ghost. So far, the new apps and kernel seem to be hassle free, and the performance overall pretty good.

I found a couple of glitches, but those were easy to fix and iron out. Of course, like a hair cut, you will not see the difference until you had it for at least a few weeks. Only time will tell, as the bugs start popping up.

Oh, I should also say, I have converted three Window$ machines over to the free world as well this week! One sever, and two PCs. Not bad eh? So far the new Linux users are happy with it. They are still in a state of disbelief that the whole operating system is completely free, and works just as well, of not better.

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