What, No Census Form in the Mail!

I have been so busy over the last week that I have had no time to check my mail box until today. I was sad to see it full of other junk other than my Census Canada envelope from Statistic Canada. After hearing all the hype about it been online, and how super fast it was to fill out, I was eager to jump the bandwagon and do mine. Right now I am bumbed out, and on the phone; yes, on hold–waiting for the next available agent at Statistics Canada, hoping to help me get it, making me a happy camper.

OK, while I am still holding on the phone, here is where I got the information to contact them, regarding not getting a Census Form in the mail. You can get the link here: Contact Us. Get your coffee and snacks, and find some place comfy to sit becuase it will take a while to talk to someone there as I am sure there are an avalanche of callers around this time-all asking the same questions as me, and needing other help with Census Forms issues.

16 minutes pass…

Yay – Success – I got through! Good news, and bad. It appears that may area, even though it is in the Metro Vancouver area, is considered rural. So, according to the nice lady on the phone at Statistics Canada, I may have someone knocking on my door sometime between now and May 10, 2016, giving me my Census information.

Why not just mail it? If they can send it to households in town, why not do the same for farms and rural homes as well. I think my address has been here longer than Fort Langley was a town.

Oh well, now I wait for the Census people to arrive knocking at my door.

2 Thoughts on “What, No Census Form in the Mail!

  1. so did you happen to get your census? and did someone knock on your door?

  2. Hi Roy,

    Yes, all is well. Got it done! Read my latest post about it here:

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