Power Outage Number Seven: 2016

As I type this, my power is out, and it is dark and cold, and it has been out since 11:15pm the night before. It is 3:30am; six and a half hours since the mini storm that seemed to have come from nowhere, blowing leaves, breaking branches, finally knocking out our power. I have several candles burning, for both light and some heat, none of which give me much comfort other than my trusty lap top, which is battery operated – thankfully – and how I am writing this at this time.

As far as I tell, my whole street is in the grips of having no power, all of eighty-fourth Avenue, from two-fifty-second, to the bottom of the hill, here in Glen Valley. And so far, I have not heard any heavy trucks roaring up and down my street, stopping to fix the power lines. In fact, my street has never been more silent.

It is Monday, and most have to get up for tomorrow. Myself, I have all day to sleep until it is my time to make my commute to my work. But for those who have to sleep through this, and then hope that their battery operated alarm clocks wake them in time to start their morning commutes, I wish them well. I am sure the power will be restored by the time it my turn to sleep in the next few hours. But, my day is ruined, as I needed the Intranet, and my PC, to do my work with. Lights and some heat would nice too.

I remembered my landlord telling me that “we are at the butt and of Glen Valley, and we get last draw on getting hooked-up when the power goes out.” He was not kidding!


Yay, power turned back on! Yes, nearly twelve hours without, it was turned back on at 10:30am. Some storm, eh?

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