Vacation Time!

Soon, very soon, I will be leaving far far away, as I start my mini vacation. I call this my mini vacation becuase it in not an official full length time off, but a combination of using my Sick Time from work, and wrapping it up around a long weekend, giving it the appearance of a full week off. I also feel I am working harder getting ready for my vacation than I do just doing regular duties at my work. The perpetrations for this trip are starting to get to be too much.

There is no trip guide for someone in my situation. It just boils down to planning and preparation. On one hand, I have my bookings with the airline, and shuttle, plus accommodations, and contact information. And on the other hand, I have my preparations on getting all of my other plans covered while I am gone. Things such as cleaning; making sure the bills are paid and up-to-date; have the right people been notified and are in the know about my departure and return; and so on.

Right now, I am excited. I am leaving on my vacation. But at the same time, I am constantly going over things in my head about everything once while I am gone, and what to do before I leave. It is just crazy.

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