Exhausted Before I Leave

Today is the big day when I officially start my Vacation. In  couple of hours I will somewhere between Vancouver and the Northern half of British Columbia, flying at something like twenty-four thousand feet above sea level, before I touchdown at my destination, some time tonight. Going to Vancouver International Airport, standing in line at the security check out, will take long than the flight itself–so that will be a major part of my day. All packed, and hoping that my suitcase will be small enough to pass for the  Sky-Check service as oppose to letting it go through the annals of the Airport luggage system. I have seen how they treat luggage there from videos on YouTube and news reports. Anyway, I am confident that everything will go smooth-after all this is a domestic flight-right?

This trip will be part business, pleasure 🙂 and family. Soon I will have the girl of my dreams in my arms, and breathing fresh mountain air, while site seeing and taking in the pleasures of the local culture.

I worked last night, unexpectedly, and just when I thought I had my sleep pattern in a normal straight line, it all went into chaos becuase of it. My plans of having lots of sleep before I left have crashed. I will probably sleep on the plane. Also, when I get home, I found out my start times have changed too since I booked this flight. Now, instead of having eight-teen hours of rest before I go into work when I come back, I will have less than six. Yes, six hours before I walk back into the job that will have a week’s work of tasks for me to catch up on, and at the tail end of the busiest business cycle season. Oh joy.

I am not going to think about that right now. Instead, it is all about leaving, and meeting the people I care about. I will have Internet when I am up there, so I may post a few blogposts while I am gallivanting about up there, deep in the North Coast Mountains.

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