Made It – Terrace or Bust

I got in last night around 8:00pm, the flight was good. It took a little longer than usual, due to head winds, but it was a good flight; the clear skies made the trip that much more awesome. When I got off the plane, the warm mountain air rushed in, and it was like I could breath again as my lungs were filled with the most purest sweetest air you could have. Yes, the weather here is phenomenal! When I left Vancouver, it was cold compared to what the weather is like up here right now–just a huge contrast. My greeting committee was awesome too!

When one does on vacation, the primary goal is to have a carefree, no stress, time–right? When a beautiful woman greets you at the airport, and then drives you to where you are going, how much more pampering could you want? Yes–pampered and stress free! With such a late flight we stayed up for a while, then slept, getting ready for the rest of my stay. The first night, we sat for while talking, catching up on news, but we were both tired, it was best to recharge the batteries as we move into day number two.

With the first leg of my trip behind me now, and the start of a new just day starting, I cannot write just how excited I am right now; so wait for the next posts when I get home.

On the agenda: First we have a breakfast out in town, then off to an art show that will take most of the morning up. Then after, it will be a surprise after that.

Oh, and one other note: 5:00am it is light already, and by 6:00am, the Sun is making an appearance. Yes, summer time in North. The days are longer here.



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