Terrace BC Vacation Part 1: The Welcome Committee

It is always fun to return to a place where there is someone waiting, who loves you no matter what. There is unconditional love, and then there is Oreo the cat’s love.

Oreo lives where I am staying. She is the beloved friendliest cat, among two, who really likes anyone who will let them have their feet rubbed by her whiskers. Yin-yang, the other cat, is much more timid; and a greeting from her would mean the highest welcome there is by any guest staying there. I have not earned Yin-yang’s trust yet, but soon, I can feel it. For now, Oreo ran over to me and rubbed her nose up against my foot once I sat down, and then turned on her purring motor, then jumped on the couch to be scratched after that. It was nice to be back again!

OREO the Cat - May 21 2016 Weblog Image

Just a side note: Oreo really does not like her photo being taken. I sense the camera is too much for her.

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