Terrace BC Vacation Part 5: New Versus the Old – Night Shots of Bridges

In my experience of photography, night photography is still a challenge for me. Armed with my camera (Sony A77) and sturdy tripod, capturing those super clear, detailed shots can be still a hit and miss affair for me. Photographing these bridges in Terrace BC, along the Skeena River, has been a failed attempt on two former occasions. The first one, nearly a year ago, I had a bad tripod, and the second try, last October, I was out-of-focus on the perfect exposed shots. Even tried this the night before, with unacceptable results. So, this time I pulled out all the stops; lots of shots, in the order of fifty to sixty, one after another; running the range of settings, short exposures with f2.5, to long exposures with the shutter down to f22; lots of waiting and avoiding camera shake.

TERRACE BC - The Old Bridge - May 22 2016

Starting off with the “Old Bridge,” or “The Old Skeena Bridge,” (above) as we called it as a kid, this shot is about eight seconds long, with a f11 aperture, ISO 100. What is cool about this bridge is, it was built around 1925-28, then went through a heavy modification around 1957, and with the exception of the bridge deck being changed every ten to five years, the whole structure has stayed the same. Most of the structure of the old bridge is bolted and riveted together, unlike most modern structures today.

TERRACE BC - The New Bridge - May 22 2016

The “New Bridge,” or “Dudley Little Bridges,” constructed circa 1975, is not that awe inspiring as far as architecture goes, but it is simple, and does the job very well. Actually, there are two bridges becuase it spans over Ferry Island, then continues on to the city side of the Skeena River if you are driving from Thornhill on the East side. Both bridges are used often.

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