Terrace BC Vacation Part 10: The End of a Perfect Day

The weather has been phenomenal throughout my visit so far. Almost perfect weather, even got the suntan to prove it. When we got back to Terrace from the Lava Beds, we decided to go out, have dinner, then spent the end of the day driving around search for the perfect place to capture the sunset with the camera. It has been a long time since I seen Terrace bathed in the light from the golden hour of sunlight. Even the mountains looked gold in the sunset’s light. It was a beautiful time; good memories!

Terrace BC Old Coop Location - May 26 2016 Weblog Image

Most of the evening I shot with the 28-300mm lens. The above image was taken looking at the old coop store location in down town Terrace, with Terrace Mountain in the background. It was so warm out that I was sweating, but it was worth it as then evening cooled off the sun light kept getting better.

Terrace BC Old Skeena Bridge - May 26 2016 - Weblog Image

Even the Old Skeena Bridge looked great in the golden light. Towards the end of the evening we drove into Thornhill (to the East of Terrace) to shoot Thornhill mountain, as the light was turning the rock face into a golden colour. We even to the school grounds, where we went to school way back in Grades three to seven–and one of us got in a game of hopscotch too. LOL

Terrace BC Mountains - May 26 2016 - Weblog Image 01

The above image was a mountain towards the South, looking from down town Terrace. No idea what the name of it is?

Terrace BC Mountains - May 26 2016 - Weblog Image 02

These next images are shooting Thornhill mountain using my 300mm lens. These are out of the box raw image files with no post editing.

Terrace BC Mountains - May 26 2016 - Weblog Image 03

Normally when I see the rack faces of Thornhill mountain, the colour of the rock is a black-greyish colour, but when the setting Sun lights them up, what a transformation. I always wanted to shoot the faces with my telephoto lens. For years, as a kid, I would look at the rock faces, and wonder how they got to be the way they are now. Of course, today, I know it was the glaciers from the last ice age and the mountain being pushed up from the Earth that carved them up this way.


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