TERRACE BC Vacation Part 6: Lava Lake

Perhaps the most exciting part of my trip so far, the voyage to the Lava Beds out in the Nass Valley, roughly 90km North of Terrace BC. I did a fair bit of research before I left Vancouver for this trip. Mainly I wanted to how far, what type of weather we were going to have, and what photography equipment I needed. In my camera bag I brought a 28 to 300mm zoom, 18 to 50mm f2.5, and my trusty 30mm f2.5 prime Macro lens, plus my heavy duty tripod. And yes, I did learn a lot about the Lava Beds, and Lava Lake that I did not know as youngster growing up in the North West.

LAVA LAKE - NASS VALLEY - May 23 2016 -WB- 00

Way back in the mid 1700’s there was minor volcanic eruption just 5 km East of what is known as Laval Lake. The lava poured down through the narrow valley into the Kalum Valley, and then flowed North towards the Nass Valley, it blocked the valley here. It blocked the river here in the Kalum Valley, creating what is now Lava Lake.

LAVA LAKE - NASS VALLEY - May 23 2016 -WB- 01

On the North end of Lava Lake you can see the lava flows. Here there are is a small camp ground, car parking lot, and out house. You can even use a shallow boat launch, but really this lake is more like a canoe lake becuase of its size. The scenery here, absolutely stunning if you are a photographer. The small park is well maintained, and I could not find any garbage, or littler. My girlfriend did make a statement about the out door rest room not having enough “paper work.” So FYI, bring those essentials on a trip like this.

LAVA LAKE - NASS VALLEY - May 23 2016 -WB- 02

And like most parks, you are asked to leave it the way you find it. Taking lava rocks with you is in poor taste becuase it will spoil it for those who come later to enjoy these beautiful places. And as the people of the Nass Valley say, “these are the tombstones of our brothers, sisters and children,” when the lava covered an entire village 300 years ago. Have respect for the dead, and the history of this land.

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