June is Here, Not Enough Sleep

Still catching up on sleep, mostly from having the time of my life while on vacation, it is sure hard getting back into the grove of my so called normal life. Yes, “normal life.” I do not know what that means any more. As I come back from a week of happiness, I jump back into a work environment where I will jump from a couple days of night shift, then working an early morning shift, then covering for other’s who are vacation. Oh, but it does not stop there: then I start what is my new normal shift, something like 1:00pm to 9:30pm, a late afternoon shift, as I replace a fellow worker who just transferred out of the building to another store location. So, ya, normal does not mean anything any more. Sigh.

So June is here. When I left Northern British Columbia, it was hotter up there than is down here in Vancouver. It was is like summer reversed, and it started up North before it took hold down here. Though no doubt it will catch up to us down here, I have the sun burn to prove it as I have to wear a jacket now to work, and it looks weird as my co-workers are still showing their winter untanned skin. Thank goodness I am not pealing. So I had an extra week of summer! Hah!

On a side note, when I went to start my truck after I got home, it started up in less than second! I thought I would be dealing with a dead battery after sitting for so long. I was worried that I would phone someone to give me a battery boost just so I could get to work that night. So the truck is fine.

I know I will be behind on my posts for the next two weeks. I have so many photos to go through and post, plus jumping back into work so fast, I will have very little time to myself. But I have so much to day, and show you all, so stay turned as I get thought everything.

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