Saying Bye Bye To My Nocturnal Life

It is official! I am no longer a night shift employee. The paperwork was signed and made official late today, and then quietly my status as a vampire changed to an almost normal day time worker. Actually, I have been working the afternoon shift for almost two weeks now, so I am pretty much on the day shift, but now it is official.

I had known about this since February, and learned that the Receiving position was going to be available since April. It was probably one of the worse kept secrets in the whole building over the last four month. The worker who left wanted it kept a secret, well, he could not keep it very well. I was told by three management personnel on three different occasions, so the cat did not stay in the bag for long.

Anyway, in all, I got what I wanted. I do loose the night shift premium, about a $1.30 per hour, but a small sacrifice for keeping normal hours. Already my sleep patterns are coming back to normal; everything is open when I am up now.

No more nocturnal life–hello to the sunshine.

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