As the Mosquito Bites

Well here we are, now just hours away from spring ending, and summer starting, the mosquitoes are out in full force becuase it is the perfect weather for them. Not us poor humans who have to suffer through these days of wetness and cool dreary temperatures that Mother nature has thrown at us, but yes to the blood sucking mosquito who are in their element. My proximity to a large body of water makes me prime pickings for the mega-colonies of flies who live among it. The plant life loves it too, and we humans love seeing the plants at theirĀ  best, but…

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… so do the mosquitoes.

With an air conditioner, I at least can afford to keep the doors and screens closed during those moments when the Sun does shine through the clouds, but for mean time, I keep a heater going at night. Yes, it gets that cool here at night. Such weird weather for June. I do not dare open my front door for any unnecessary period of time, leaving that portal to Mosquito Hell open. At any time just one trapped inside will make my life full of misery.

Just picture me, waking up from my sleep after hearing the buzzing sound of a mosquito flying around my head as it is searching for that tender spot of unprotected flesh in which to sink its needle like sucker into me with. Then I jump up, turning on the light so I can hunt it down, searching for it, looking to see where it has perched: on the floor, walls, ceiling, dresser, anywhere. Then I stand still, waiting to draw it out: hoping for a clean kill. Then SMACK, as I see it, my arm swings to strike, and then hope for the death blow. Only will I rest when I see its flatten carcass smeared on the surface from which I aimed my mighty blow upon it.

On Monday the summer Solstice will occur that afternoon, and yet I would not know it when I look outside now with the clouds and cold dampness. Summer still seems so long away, like we are trapped in spring until the winter returns. What happened? We were looking so good in May when we had that early start to the hot summer like whether? I hate El Nino and Climate Change.

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