It’s Official: Summer! Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice! At 3:34pm Pacific (do not for get we are in Daylight Savings Time) the Sun will cross the equator, marking the transition between spring to summer. This makes today the longest day of the year. However, it does not make this time the best for weather, as we can see outside here in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is this effect called seasonal drift, where as the Sun shines longer, and its rays more pronounced, it will take a few weeks for the good weather to catch up in the year. This is why summer starts after the Sun crosses the equator on the longest day of the year. So, in the next few weeks the weather should ramp up into hot and lazy days I so desperately look forward to.

Bonus: Apparently, we were lucky enough to have two full moons in one day! How cool it that!


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