The Weekend Wrap Up

Sadly I have been too busy to sit down and do some serious typing on my weblog. I have so much to say, yet to little time to say it in, and now I fear I have a pattern developing. So, here is my “filler” post, to tie me over until I can sit down really write again. Work, of course, has been the number one reason for my lack of time for this website. And a close second has been the need of attention to my everyday life, like plumbing and paper work. So much, so little time to take care of them all.

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Anyway, last night we had a really nasty storm blow over my place about 2:00am that started with a huge downpour that lasted for something like 30 minutes, then the lightening and thunder kicked in. The whole storm seem to have parked itself right over top of my place for nearly two hours. In that time, a near by tree was hit by lightening, shattering the top one third of it into pieces, and that lighting strike I though was going to blow the windows right off my walls when the thunder’s shock wave reached me. Yes, the power did go out, but only for a little while. I could not sleep while all of that was going on.

Work, well, what can I say. Just when I thought that the busy season was over, and we were going to slip into that nice time of year when business slows down and we can catch our breath again, another wave of customers blows in, this time buying our summer goods. It is like the spring season lever left. Sure, a damn good sign of a healthy economy in my line of work, but physically, I am wearing out. As a rule I do not like talking about work, especially here on my weblog, but is does consume nearly a half to a third of my daily life, so I cannot escape its effects on me. I am going to hold back and not type one more letter on the subject. Period.

More pressing issues: the up coming Canada Post strike/lockout that may start on Monday. I laughed when in the space of seven days I received all of my mail that I normally receive in a calendar month. I got my G.S.T. cheque on the fifth, when it was issued for the fifth of July. That was freaky. My Internet bill also arrived on the fifth, which usually does not get sent to me until after the fifteenth. And my 64MB USB thumb drive that I ordered on Evil Bay, seemed to have arrived way before I normally receive stuff from China. Does imposted stuff really arrive early, and the Post Office sits on them while in Canada just because? I also loaded my pre paid Visa that I use to pay online bills with too at the Post Office where I got my Visa Card from. I normally like to use my pre paid than a actual credit card—it seems to be safer that way I feel. I trust no one online when it comes to money transactions. Anyway, I am all loaded up with some money for bills as long as Canada Post does not do its labour dispute for anytime longer than a month. But I seem to be good for the next four weeks.

Plumbing. I am not a plumber, and I have a plumbing issue. My bath tub seems to be plugged. It started on Monday, when I noticed that the water seemed taking a little longer to drain out. But by Thursday, I was standing ankle deep in water after my daily shower. Now it is completely plugged. I tried using a plastic drain snake. That did not do anything. My next tool was a three metre metal snake, and that only did a little to unplug it. Tomorrow I am going to try a longer snake, one that has a more “pipe cleaner” attachment on it. Hopefully I can get that unplugged before Monday.

Awe yes, lots of paper work in the days to come for me. My battle with Revenue Canada still lingers. I have to also submit my MSP (Medical Health Care Tax) forms from my work’s insurance, which covers those monthly payments. Luckily I can do that online once I get my employee I.D. number. I hope they do not send that my Canada Post! Still waiting on that part.

Well, anyway, time to go and get on with my busy life. Until my next post, hopefully sooner than later.

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