Red Photons – A Photographer’s Dream

I have heard this before, red being a photographer’s favourite colour, and that red is one of the colours that stands out to the human eye when one is looking at an image. Regardless of who said this first, I agree whole heartedly, red is awesome. When I see red through my lens, I just cannot get enough, and bathe my camera’s sensor in it. When I see red in a portrait, or digital image, it catches my eye. Of all the colours, red will attract me more because my eye finds it so pleasing.

Red Flowers July 17 2016 Weblog Image

Most of the time when I see a garden, I zero in on the reds and yellows before I hit the flower patch.  For me, red flowers are the most sought after, simply because of the colour’s impact on me. Sure the orange and yellow ones get it too, but red triggers something in me. And I am not alone.

I started asking people who viewed my photos, what photos they found to be their favourites. All included the majority of images with red in them, like flowers, building, and even sunsets where I pushed the white balance over to the warm side of the scale. Even images with people in them, who were wearing red clothing. Of course, there are a small percentage of those who did find other  images where red was absent in the image, but those were rare, unless purple counts as part red.

When I do portrait photography, I always ask my subjects to wear at least a little bit of red in their outfits, or have red somewhere else in the shot. Red sells, especially with women. Nature and landscape shots, if I can find red flowers, or red buildings and objects, then the shots sells that much better. Heck, once, I even CGIed red into one image I worked on a while ago, just to give that extra bit of “eye candy” to it.

The photo in this post I shot just a few days ago. Normally I like to leave flowers where they are, in the ground, so that someone else can appreciate them after me. But since this batch of flowers only has a couple of weeks of life, I cut the older ones off, and put them in a glass, then moved them around so that I could choose good backgrounds in my shots.

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