The Mini Forest of Swamp Weeds

I live not to far from a swampy area, actually it is a creek that flows into the Fraser River, just a few kilometres before it empties into the Pacific Ocean, so lots of wildlife can be seen wondering around there. In fact, the creek itself rises as the tides move it and out, all the way up to the road I live on. Yes, I am very close to sea level here. But one things that is real cool, are some of the plants that I see growing around here. These weird grass/tub like weeds are taken right at my driveway. Normally I see these growing right by lakes, but in my case, these are a fare ways from that creek I was talking about, the soil they are on is super dry here.

Swamp Grass July 2016 Weblog Image

It was a hot day and I thought these plants look really neat, I want to photograph them. So I did a bunch of shots, and getting the Sun right, I did some shooting at different times of that day to see what was the best light for them. Turns out, I like this shot, taken at high noon, with lots of sunlight beaming down on them, showing the reflections of light on the tiny spike leaves. It is like a forest that is really only 40cm high.

One Thought on “The Mini Forest of Swamp Weeds

  1. Looks like a horsetail weed. It’s actually got some medicinal usages, and I’ve got a gardening recipe for using it like veggie fertilizer.

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