A Hit to the Head: Did it Make a Difference?

It was sometime around the last week of July that I reached up to pull a box down from a very tall skid of product at my work. I do this almost daily, and I have had boxes fall on me before, sometimes hitting me, or just falling to the ground, but it does happen from time to time, so I thought nothing of it at the time. That time, it was a saw blade in its packaging that fell on me. The pallet full of items was about 40 to 50cm taller that I am. When I went to pull the top box down, the saw blade at the top of the pile was out of my sight, so when it fell, it hit me right in my glasses. Thankfully my glasses broke, not my eye.

So a week went by, and I thought nothing of it.

The following week, I was telling my supervisor about how I broke my glasses, as we, four of us from the department, were comparing some of the shipments from our vendors and how bad they were. When he heard of the saw blade, he reacted a little more strongly than I would have thought he would. Actually, he said he was going to write an email to the regional bosses about this. I assumed that it would go nowhere.

Yesterday I was told that the regional head manager was going to fly over to our department and personally see me about the incident. When, I do not know, but my story made some big waves regarding safety and how the merchandise is being shipped to us. Now, there is an inquiry that has started, though I am not aware of it personally.

I hate being the centre of such attention. I wear glasses, and they did their job. Sure, I might get another set, but I really do not care. What I care about is when they make such huge pallets of freight, that people my hight have to reach up and grab down without knowing if there are other objects hidden above. Maybe this will change the way we get freight, but I doubt it. But I hate being the centre of this type of attention.

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