Throwing Old CDs and DVDs Out

It looks like all those writeable CDs and DVDs that I bought are starting to break. Some of these DVDs I have had since 2000 are slowly breaking to the point that they no longer hold any of the data I put on them. I remember reading a news article back in 2005, or there about, that said writeable disks were never built to hold archival information for long periods of time, somewhere around five years. I wish I could find it again, but it does not matter, I just threw out an entire pack of 100 that are all corrupted from age.

I bough this 100 pack way back in 2009. I only used about thirty disks from it, and left the spool in a cupboard in my bedroom. I was going to put a dual O.S. on my buddies old computer, and thought I would make use of these old DVD -Rs to load the software with. My home PC has a fairly new optical drive in it, so I thought using my old disks would not be a problem to write with. It turns out, after ten attempts, I finally had a disk that I could write to. After closer examination of the broken disks I tried to use, I noticed small black dots and cracks along the edges of each disk. Then I inspected all of the remaining disks in the spool, and found all but six were still good. I threw them all out. I could not waste any more time like this.

We now live in the new age of flash drives. With tablets and phones, and most new note books, you need a flash drive anyway if you want to load something onto it, other than wifi as the other option. Gone are the days of the old clunky disks. At least, as I heard from somewhere on the net, flash drives are very durable; more so than the old disks were. I also heard that data can last on a flash drive for up to ten years? We will see. Some time in future, say ten years from now, I might write another post on how much flash drives suck. We will see.

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