The E Reader Dilemma

We have all forgotten something at one time or another, keys, hairbrush, lights, and the list goes on and on. When we realize, it often ends with one end of the spectrum as, “Oh well,” to the other end as, “Oh Noooooooooo,” and the worlds ends as we know it. My mishap occurred when I left for work, and forgetting my E Reader behind, still plugged in on my kitchen table. It was harsh, and I had to make a choice.

I always go to my work with a novel, or textbook, something that I like to read while I am on break or my lunch (half) hour. Reading for me does a number of things besides offer good entertainment: it kills time while leaving me in my own little world away from the bothers of my daily chores. I fire up my E Reader, put on my headphone, to cancel out the background noise, and read until my alarm goes off. I have been doing this for years. I love it. It is my thing.

Back on Monday, I forgotten my tablet (e reader) at home. I totally thought I had it with me. Usually, as a precaution, I do a small check list before I head out away from home, making sure that I have all of my gear and food for the day. All it takes is a small hick-up in my daily routine to disrupt this, and everything goes to Hell. It was the phone that did it for me that day. I was on it for less than fifteen seconds, but it was the urgency of it that threw me off from my routine and caused me to say, “Oh Noooooooo,” once I discovered my mistake.

My choice was either sit it out for the day, and hope for the best, or run to the nearest store and buy something to tie me over until the next day. I choose to sit it out, reading trashy magazines and daily news papers, drastically lowering my reading standard.  It was harsh; but I survived.

Now, to make sure that this does not happen again, I pack everything up the night before. E Reader, headphones, even my lunch, I pre-pack now (though that stays in the fridge until I pack that too). A lesson learned! I even bought some backup novels too for my locker at my work—just in case.

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