Day of the Equinox, a Day of Condolences and Celebrations

As summer ends, and the fall season begins on this day of the Autumnal Equinox, so to are family and friends, as some who are close to me have passed on in death, their mortal bodies cease and their life essence leaves our sphere of relativity. Such as life, we go on: reborn with new from the old, and like the seasons, the cycles goes on. But today is different; equal day and night, and from death brings life, and so forth. I lost an Aunt, from my Mother’s side, and my best friend lost a sibling, her younger brother. I learned that my niece is pregnant, due in a few weeks, and a friend from my 20s celebrated his fatherhood with a set of twins (at age 38). It is odd that today of all days, it begins with condolences, and ends with celebrations. Maybe this is true, life and death should be celebrated as equals? But in this case, I have to agree, all being equal.


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