The Goat that Sounds Like a Dalek

Fall is the time of year when my landlord buys livestock for his farm. Mostly goats, sheep and chickens are his favourite type of animals, and with them, a wide variety and assortment of each species can appear in the pens and fields dotted around my home. Just last week he bought something in the order of ten goats that are being penned in the upper field across from my place. It did not take long for them to learn the feeding schedule, so when they are out and about exploring and feeding on the leaves and bushes, they stop and run back to the shelter as fast as they can when the truck full of hay and feed is unloaded. The mass frenzy of twenty goats running as fast as they can, crying out, as they rush to the feed troughs is equal to a crowd of humans starting a marathon—one big wave with as much force as a bulldozer. One goat in particular, though, makes me laugh.

Before I go any further, you need to be a Doctor Who fan, and understand one of the alien races on the show called the Daleks, to get what it is I am talking about. To learn more about the science fiction television show, and its characters, please visit the Wikipedia Website here: DALEKS

I first heard it last week, but only laughed, as I thought that was a one off sound. Then yesterday, and today, the same goat bellowing out it hunger cry, that sound was unmistakeably like the sound I hear earlier, “BHAAAAAAAAA.” One burst, with no crescendo, but one solid blast of sound with an eerily pitch and timber that no living thing could make on Earth; and in my mind I am thinking it is saying, “EXTERMINATE—EXTERMINATE—EXTERMINAAAAAATE.”

And when I saw which animal it was, it was the biggest of the bunch. A pure while billy goat, with short stubby horns, and a grey patch on its rump. He was always the first goat to the feeding trough during feeding time, and he probably eats the most feed out of the whole horde of animals. With a bellowing hunger cry like that, I think most would get out of his way if he was in a full on run to the food.

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