Storm Season Early This Year

It was a so called triple whammy last weekend, and with all the hype, even the most experienced meteorologist could not nail it bang on. Of the three storms that were on the radar, the big one “Typhoon Sonsda” never even made a noticeable daybut as it floated over top and moved inland, it was storm number two that made the most noise, while the first storm made a mess from all the leaves and branches it knocked from off of the trees. But the one noticeable change that happened was how cool it overall appeared in such a short time as we moved from late summer into fall like weather.

From the first week of October, we were hold out with some really good days of weather. It was warm out for the most part. Sure, the rain crept in from time to time, but that was to be expected. When the news reported that we were in for some stormy weather on the horizon, well, summer delights changed to “Blahhhh” in fall. Yes, it happened that quickly. All of a sudden I was wearing a jacket to work, and having to pack a sweater with me, not to mention boots too for the puddles left from the rain.

The three storms that were forecasted made me feel apathetic. I am not going to lie to you, I did not buy it. I cannot count how many times we have had storm warnings, and nothing happened. Storm one was just a regular wind storm, nothing to jump up and down about. It made its mess, blowing leaves all over the place, and yes, my power did go out, but that is normal in my parts. It was storm two the changed everything for me. I was a believer of the Weather Channel after that. Storm two roared in like a steam engine set on full-on. My power was knocked out for nearly ten hours, and work was effected by it too. So while the wind and rain was ripping through the streets of Langley City, I decide to stock up on some emergency items like candles, canned food and water. The power was still out, and it was a Friday night, so going out was out of the question. Sleeping that night was hard with all the noise. So the broadcast news was saying that storm three was the “big one,” so I was on high alert.

With my box of candles and cupboard filled with non-perishable food, I felt I was ready as I could be. Storm three was due Saturday afternoon, so it was the waiting game as I cleaned up out from storm two. I charged my tablets and laptop up, and tied a few things outside down from the wind. I was ready.

I waited for the third storm. Saturday afternoon rolled on by, and still no major blow, or torrential downpour of biblical proportions, so I continued to wait. There was some winds by the time 6:00pm came and went, and the power did flicker on and off for a second or two, but that was it. Nothing—little rain, and a nice breeze atop the trees—nothing.

I felt ripped off having gone through that. Now I have a cupboard full of Cream of Mushroom Soup and two dozen plastic 500ml bottles of water, not to mention the box of candles that is taking up space now on my counter top. Storm three, or Typhoon Sonsda, was a complete dud by the time it hit the Lower Mainland and Frazer valley. Though to be honest, I did hear over the news that some parts did get it hard from the storm, but my region was left untouched.

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