Sore Shoulder–the One Handed Typer

Yeah, it hurts. I banged up my shoulder pretty good last week. I thought it was getting better, but I agitated it more last night, driving of all things, when I went to turn with my left arm–twisting it on the steering wheel. I guess I really sprained it, making it worse. Been taking it easy this weekend, laying back, but it seems like my arm is going to be gimped for a while before it is back to normal again.

My weekend plans are gone. I stayed home. I am more or less keeping myself from straining my arm any further.

Typing this post out is a bit of a challenge. Not only am I doing this with only one finger, but only with one hand as well. It reminds of my piano lessons as a kid trying to learn the fingering of each hand, then putting together the chords. Oh, it is hell.

So hoping that one more day of heeling will at least be enough to get me through work next week. Only if I could retire tight about now…

Anyway, I think Halloween will be spent at home; to sore and too little energy to enjoy it I think.

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