Shouldering the Hurt

Yes, this will be another post about how sore my shoulder is, with the whining and moaning too. I should point out that I have seen a doctor, down at the walk-in clinic, and I have been given anti-inflammatory medication for it, plus x-rays, and an invitation to do some physiotherapy. For the most part, I can feel it getting better, but at this point in time, the hurt is going to be with me for a long while yet. I am working, so I am not totally gimped to the point of being bedridden.

So, it is a sprain. I feel like I want to cut it off because it hurts so bad. I cannot raise my arm up—even if I wanted to. I keep my arm down because even wearing a sling is painful. Tying my shoes, putting on my shirt and jacket, and writing are all next to impossible for me to do. I am left handed; I write and use that arm for most things in my daily routines. What use to be routine has now turned into a long, pre planned, calculated process, as each task is fraught with obstacles.

Sleeping is probably the most irritating issue I have right now. I cannot sleep—period. My arm is just too sore to sleep. It does not matter what position I have it in, the pain keeps me up. Perhaps the longest period of time I can sleep before I am awaken with pain, is maybe an hour at best. I am hoping that the anti-inflammatory pills start their magic—soon.

The cool rainy weather is also making matters worse too. I find when my arm is cold, the pain is elevated. I wear a sweater for that. The problem is, then the rest of me is sweating if I keep the sweater on too long. A heat pad is good, but that only works if I am sitting down, or laying in bed—does not help when I am walking about. But the pain does drop noticeably when I keep my arm warm.

In all, this has been a very bad week for me. Even typing this out is a chore-in-a-half. But I am getting better.

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