Enjoying the Snow Moment

Greater Vancouver gets snow! I just got home from work, as I worked the evening shift, so it is about 10:00pm now, and the white fluffy snow flakes are a coming down like, like…, like it has not since February 2015, according to CBC Vancouver. This event is like the changing of a president, or an economic super meltdown, or a catastrophic event of bilabial proportions, when it snows in Vancouver, the whole world hears our cry: It rarely snows like this here, we cannot drive in it! Snow is something we know we will get, but rarely see, and preparing for this is at the tail end of our To-Do lists. Snow tires? What are those? Seeing drivers putting around with the barest of wheels on their vehicles is past “funny” on the “Believe it or Not” scale, it borderlines pity.

As I drove home from my work, I had no trouble with the control of my SUV. Yes, I must stress that I own a SUV, a 4 X 4 SUV! Size and power makes a world of difference on the road with snow on ice conditions. I was in complete control throughout my entire trip–as long as I kept my speed no higher than 50km/h. That is the utmost point of the road conditions today–not having to much momentum so that safely stopping in a timely manner can be done. However, in my pursuit of safe-driving while on my way home in the snow, I have a young, wet-behind-the-ears driver, who insisted that his safe speed, for his little Honda (with summer tires), was a brisk 65km/h. His stopping range was beyond what was safe while braking at the intersection of Glover Road and 88th Avenue. He could not stop, and all I felt was a gentle tap from behind. He Rear-ended Me!

The damage was all his. My poor tow-hitch had a little rust scrapped from off of it. In all, myself and my Pathfinder are good. The young, wet-behind-the-ears driver of the little Honda, now has to replace his front grill that ripped off when we parted ways on the road. For me, I laughed at him silently under my breath, as he swore and cursed, and billowed and whined, looking down at his damaged vehicle, and then at the snow. But in all, the damage was minor, and not even worth going to the insurance company to make a claim over it (well, for me at least). The moral of this little story is, respect the snow on the roads, and see the signs; in other words, anticipate the conditions.

Sitting back and enjoying this new bit of scenery was a small bit of pleasure as I watched the big white fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky and land on the ground. A true winter wonderland, and winter is not for a couple more weeks to go–what a deal. The cold, below freezing weather, has been a bit of a aggravation for me, living in a trailer, these are not the best homes to live in while parked under an Super Arctic Air Mass that is covering all of Canada. But all this white, everywhere, is a nice change.

Next week, rumour has it,  we are in for an even worse super arctic blast from the North, where we might see temperatures rip below -12C! That is just unheard of in these parts. And worse yet, this arctic blanket of goodness might stay with us until mid January! Yes, some nether-regions of my lower body just disappeared inside me.

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