Frozen – Solid, and More to Come

As the deep-freeze rages onward down here in Southern British Columbia, the thought of anther week of this Arctic Vortex (as the media calls it) is not sitting well with me. I am cold, and getting sick of it. Trailer living in the middle of a -11C night, does not make for a very comfy sleep with two heaters and the furnace cranked up to maximum, when this time last year we were enjoying plus 12C with sunshine! And to think, there is another week to go of this (@$%#$!@ weather) according to Environment Canada’s Website. (As I removed another icicle from the tip of my nose becuase of post nasal drip).

Yes, this is one bitchy Canadian who will not lie about life in the great White North, eh! If I could embrace El Niño and speed up Global Warming and Climate Change today, I would do it, just for spite. Hey, I am only miserable becuase my butt is freezing. Of course, this can change with moving into a proper house (if I had a million dollars).

Looking at the weather forecast, I see next Wednesday, and Thursday as being the coldest days to come with night time lows of -8 and -11 predicted. The good news, no wind or snow in the forecast.

The snow from Friday’s storm is still on the roads, and in some places it is pure ice where the Sun does not shine. For the most part, the roads are in awesome conditions in spite of the freezing temps. Even my Pathfinder is running great, starting up every morning without the block heater plugged in. I owe a lot to my investment of tires I put on the truck last year and the tune-up I gave it a month ago. The tires work better than expected on the snow and ice, and the engine has lots of antifreeze in it. 🙂

Trying to keep my water lines from freezing up is another worry. I have above ground water lines, only becuase that is how the water is hooked up by my Land Lord plug in system. My trailer is only “temporary parked,” so the water line is just a hose that plugs in to the main waterline. Sadly, this is a bit of a nightmare from nights when the temperature drops below freezing. Every year, except last year, I have had at least one day where my water froze. I am hoping to go two years on a row without my water lines freezing.

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