Frozen Solid – Period!

Sigh… It has been a frozen week for us Lower Mainlanders who are not use to this level of cold. My home did not fair well, as I have no running water due to frozen waterlines. Sleeping at night have been very uncomfortable, especially when the temperatures at night had hit minus 11 and 12 yesterday and the day before. The good news is, we are going to bounce back to our normal weather starting tonight, but the bad news in all this, we start off with a snow storm before the (welcomed) glorious plus 9C kicks in for Monday. I am currently not a happy camper.

Tonight should be a lot warmer than the last five days have been. I am so looking forward to this. My heating bill will be huge come next month becuase of this, and I hope I can take is easy on my furnace the next week or so. I really do not care if we get a metre of snow, it will all start to melt by the time Monday gets here with highs well above freezing. Life in my tin box, as I call it–my trailer, has been tough as of late. This place has been very hard to keep warm and comfortable becuase it was never designed to be out in -15C weather. So I have resorted to just keeping one section nice and warm, while keeping the rest of it as warm as possible without freezing, especially at night when I am sleeping.

Frozen water pipes is not fun either. Fortunately I have a water cooler that holds quite a bit of water, so I have plenty of drinking water, but bathing and laundry, it will get tricky dealing with those chores.  I just bought a new water bottle for the cooler, so I have nice supply of water until my pipes thaw out. I am hoping to have running water as early as tomorrow, but Monday looks like the time when things really warm up to work on it. Either way I have plans in place, so I will not smell bad ether way. I will have clean clothes and a shower is close at hand. 🙂


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