Snowing, Snowed, Snow… Then Rain, Then Brown.

Surprise, it snowed! Then it kept snowing, then snowed some more, then the snow seemed to stop. Since then, about lunch time, high noon, it started up again, but it got eerily warmer, and then the snow changed to a fine type of snow, then finally as of now, rain. It is now raining out as of 7:00pm. So, all of this might be gone very soon. Yes, there is a smile on my face while I typed that last bit out. The snow will be all gone: and warmer too, to boot!

I am betting that by tomorrow, all the roads will be awesome, and all the slushy white stuff will be gone. Well, only if the temperature shoots up to 10C. The above photo, I shot just around 6:00pm using a long exposure technique becuase it gets quite dark out this time of day. But the photo below clearly shows the snow storm at its hight around noon today. I say, about 8cm fell here at my place today, so far.

Just as a point of interest, I did use my 4X4 mode to get back into my driveway today after I picked up my mail at the Post Office. I usually like to back in, so I kind of spun out when I was getting to the high part of my driveway.

I still do not have running water. My lines are still frozen. I am not going to go through the effort of unthawing them when I know the warmer weather will kick in tonight. I will let nature unfreeze them for me.

Well, we will see what new weather the Weather Gods will bring us tomorrow. Hopefully it is all good, and not something that will keep me home from work tomorrow. 

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