It’s a Rat in Your Engine, Son. Part 2

OK, I finally got set-up with my “real” mechanic, who scheduled me in for Thursday to fix my broken Pathfinder. He looked at it, and told me that this really was an easy fix, and could not understand why the first shop I went to could not fix it. The problem was the computer that controls the engine was shorted out. A small cost of about $300.00 to have it replaced. However, there is labour involved, so the final bill was close to $600.00. But, now it runs better than it ever has since I bought it!

But it was not a quick fix. Apparently, Nissan only made the one computer for my make and year of vehicle. Meaning that older, or newer computers will not work on my truck. So, there was a day wait as the replacement computer needed to be shipped in from Abbotsford, BC–about a 40k trip away. I had to go a extra day without my main mode of transportation. 

When I took the truck home this evening, I was super impressed with how well it ran. Although I spent a small fortune of my savings to fix it, the smoothness of the engine, and how well it runs seems all worth it. In the end it is a bill of over $1400.00 to fix the damage done by the rats.

All is good for now. 🙂

2 Thoughts on “It’s a Rat in Your Engine, Son. Part 2

  1. Tom, time to adopt a cat or two..

  2. Dan, I went with rat poison. Cats are afraid of them.

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