Do You Have Cotton Balls?

An update about my little rat and mouse problem from last month. As you are aware, from reading my January posts on how the little buggers chewed up the wiring on my vehicle, I have initiated steps to combat the problem, and I am happy to report that I seem to have things under control. Yes, I have some new chew marks on a couple of the wires, mainly the spark-plug wires, but overall no new chew marks in the last three weeks. I am happy, but I must keep a vigilante eye out to make sure this does not happen again. So here is my progress thus far.

Cotton Balls, although they look nothing like balls, seem to really do the trick. The idea is to load them up into old socks and tie them off, so that there are about ten to fifteen cotton-ball packets in each one. Then I placed the sock-loaded-cotton-balls on top of the engine where the spark-plug wires are, over top of the intake manifold. This area of the engine does not get too hot, and I can keep the cotton-ball loaded socks between the wires and intake manifold without worry of losing them and catching on fire while driving. So far, after three weeks, no issues.

The downside, you smell like a hospital when you park; a small price to pay after a $1600.00 repair bill. I have read that the cotton-ball packets need to be changed once a month, so I bought a large bag of them from Walmart, in Langley City, that should keep me going for the next six months. The cotton-balls only cost me about five bucks for a bag of them! 

I now do a visual inspection at least once a week now. I pop the hood, and do a look around to see if I can spot any fresh chew marks on the wires, plus looking for mouse droppings and any other indicators of rodent trespassers. This also makes it less hospitable if any rat or mouse who thinks about moving in becuase of my activities. At least once a day now, I operate my vehicle, making sure it does not sit for to long, or no longer than a day.

So, I can say that cotton-balls do work for this type of problem. The extra benefit is, I will have no moths around me either when I park the vehicle for the night.

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