Eighty Balls and Cash Trained Employees

What a day. Between work and my home life, things seem to be going crazy for me. Lack of sleep, and having too much on the go, I think it is all having a toll on me. I am taxed right out; low energy and no enthusiasm–at all. Gee, could be time for change? Regardless, today was a bad day. You know when you do stupid things, make choices that are right out of left field, you get that feeling that you should quit while you are ahead. Well, I had that moment, right when I had eighty basketballs bouncing around me becuase I made a bad choice. Yes, I should have stopped, spent a moment to think, then move forward. Instead, I now had a mess on my hands, and that feeling of “stupid” on my face.

When logic and physics clash, it is often when you cannot tell what should go on top, or the bottom, becuase you cannot tell what would hold up, when stacking stuff with a forklift. On one hand, the bigger of the two means it should go on the bottom, when as the type of packaging and the amount of materials that go into the packaging should say otherwise. For example, if you have a skid of say, eighty basketballs, you would make that the top pallet, right? But say you have a small pallet of, say, power tools, that seems to be less than one fifth of the total weight of the basketball skid, then by rights, it could on top without any troubles, right? Well, my poor logic, and lack of thinking, caused eighty basketballs to go shooting everywhere in the warehouse because they should have been the top skid. I cleaned up my mess, but with some criticism from my co-workers. Yes, I deserved it. I am humbled–my bad.

But things did get worse. Because of the demands that are placed on me at my work, I sometimes get sent off to other departments to help out.  On one such excursion, I was ask to man a cash till becuase so many cashiers had phoned in sick. I was never trained on cash, but the day supervisor thought I was just saying that to get out of working up at the front end. It meant that I had to waste time arguing with her, and getting the H.R. Manager involved, while my department was imploding with the back-log of stuff that needed to be done. I was happy to have found out that H.R. had supported me one hundred percent, but a shamed that it took a half hour before I could leave the office to go back to my department. Later, I found out, it was all a mistake due to someone checking off the box that said I was “trained as a cashier” beside my name, when it was clearly a mistake. This seems to be how desperate they are for front end labour. When I think about it, it was funny–me on a till. Gosh.

So, at the end of the day, I thought, maybe it is time for a break.

Right now, I am too tired to think, and too sore to move. I think I need about forty hours of sleep to catch up. Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz

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