Some Hula Hoop Boogie Action With Mr. Egg Head (I Have Some Time to Kill)

I have some time to kill, now that the weekend draws to a close, and tomorrow is a work day. I thought I would spend some time with my newly animated character, Mr. Egg Head, which I created a couple of weeks ago. This time I wanted to spruce things up a bit, and have him dancing. After some thought, a dancing video might be too much for the amount of time I have, so I am sticking with these short animated GIF images that I can post right onto the posts. So, I went with Mr. Egg Head doing some hula hoop action, doing the dirty boogie dance over and over and over at twenty-two frames per second.

I get tired just looking at it. LOL

So, what brought this on, creating Mr. Egg Head hula hoop animation? I thought about making him do a short dance video, you know, with some heavy beat techno song playing away, and Mr. Egg Head dancing away to it, doing some cool funky moves. But then time is hard to come by for me this time of year with being busy both at work and me personal life. So I kept it simple. I also wanted to see how easy it is to animate other mech objects with an animated charter. It is pretty darn easy in Blender. I thought of the hula hoop dancer, and thought Mr. Egg Head can do that–this should be simple. In less than an hour, I was finished.

You go Mr. Egg Head! You go!

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